Nature Conservancy of Canada

A Force for Nature

As the country’s largest national land conservation organization, the NCC has worked to protect 2.8 million acres across the country. They are recognized by many for their good governance and financial transparency. Financial Post's 2017 annual report, a review of 2,500 Canadian charities, named NCC one of the top environmental and conservation charities in the country. 


World Wildlife Fund

Protecting Natural Riches

WWF-Canada conserves the environment by running conservation programs, raising public awareness about the importance of the environment, and granting money for conservation research projects. WWF divides its program efforts into five conservation areas: arctic, freshwater, renewable energy, oceans, and species protection. In 2017, more than 77,000 WWF volunteers removed 126,432 kg of waste from Canadian shorelines. 

Alberta Wilderness Association

Caring for Alberta's Wild Spaces

Since 1965, the Alberta Wilderness Association has inspired communities to care for Alberta’s wild spaces through awareness and action. They protect wild lands, wildlife, and wild waters. Developing a protected areas network, they ensure proper conservation and stewardship. Their activism is well known across Alberta. 


Clean Air Partnership

Stability & Resilience Through Collaboration

The Clean Air Council includes a network of 28 municipalities and health units from across Ontario. Since 2000, Clean Air Council members have worked collaboratively on the development and implementation of clean air, climate change, sustainability and resilience actions. They promote clean air by collecting research, transferring knowledge, and fostering collaboration among all orders of government, academia, NGOs, and stakeholders. 


Building the Case for a Better Earth

Ecojustice goes to court and uses the power of the law to defend nature, combat climate change, and fight for a healthy environment for all. Their strategic, innovative public interest lawsuits lead to legal precedents that deliver lasting solutions to their most urgent environmental problems. They join together supporters, lawyers, scientists, board and staff members to fight for the environment's protection. 


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